An Easy Road Trip Meal!

road trip meal

If you’re anything like me, you love to save money, and it drives you crazy when food goes bad before you eat it! Because of this, I almost always pack a simple road trip meal consisting of food in my refrigerator that needs to get eaten ASAP.

On our recent overnight trip to Temple Square in Salt Lake City (Click here if you want to read more about it), I packed a small cooler bag of various items from my refrigerator, and I thought I’d share with you! Of course, every road trip cooler would have a different variety of snacks and easy meals based on what is in your refrigerator at that time, but this will give you an idea of what I packed, and how I packed it.

Let me start by telling you about my cooler bag… I won it probably five years ago playing Bunco with some of my girlfriends. The brand of my bag is FridgePak. As far as I can tell, they don’t sell this 10″ cube size anymore, but it’s a great insulated cooler bag. I found this one on Amazon that looks pretty similar, and gets really great reviews!

I keep ice packs at the ready in my freezer at all times. They work great for bumps, bruises, and for keeping food cool! When I’m taking a small cooler bag on a road trip, I often forego the larger ice packs and opt for some basic frozen water bottles like this one:

road trip meal
The reason I like to use frozen water bottles in small coolers is two-fold. First, they are easier to pack around the food because you can stack them on their sides, or set them upright surrounding the food. Second, as they melt, and as they are not needed anymore, you can drink them! This leads to a cooler bag that gets less and less heavy, which is awesome.

road trip meal

I used four water bottles for this particular trip. I knew I only needed to keep the food cold for about 12 hours, give or take.



Here’s a list of the food that I packed:

  • Deli turkey slices & sliced cheese to make deli roll-ups.
  • Bell peppers, cut into slices to make them ready to eat.
  • Grapes.
  • BabyBel cheese. These are a FAVORITE of ours, and you can buy a giant bag of them at Costco for a great deal.

I can fit two of these great 5.2 cup Rubbermaid TakeAlongs containers in my cooler bag. This is what I pack the food in. I put the package of cheese and the package of lunchmeat in one container, and the peppers and grapes (packaged separately in Ziploc sandwich bags) in the second. I also pack the Babybel cheese in a Ziploc bag. The one in the picture happens to be a quart storage bag, but they could have easily fit in a sandwich-sized bag. Here are a few pics:

road trip meal
road trip meal
road trip meal
road trip meal






I also threw some Keebler Club Crackers and Kirkland Signature nut bars (from Costco) into my car, because they were in my pantry and seemed like a good fit for this trip.

road trip meal

That’s pretty much it. Easy as pie, and it basically saves you money twice! First, by not letting food go to waste. Second, you don’t have to eat out for one of your road tripping meals!

Happy road tripping!

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  • Jenni 6 months ago Reply

    LOVE the tip of using water bottles as ice packs. Never occurred to me. Awesome!!!

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